Saturday, August 31, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge

Art Jewelry Elements

It's week 33 and 34 for the Art Jewelry Elements Blog year long earring challenge.  And what a challenge it was for me this week. These photos show how much I struggled with photographing just one pair of earrings.

These earrings are made with Scorched Earth green/brown dangles and those large 'honey colored' vintage balls. It was the vintage balls that gave me grief. First, they were too large to photograph laying flat so I put them on this pottery shard.  But look how orange they are!

Next I folded a piece of card stock and hung them. This is a bit better, but still doesn't show the wonderful honey color.

So I took them outside and put them on cinder blocks.  A bit better but still very orange.
Getting very frustrated by now

Outside on a black surface. All washed out but getting closer to the honey color.

Outside with the card stock stand. Still  a bit too orange no matter what editing I do!
Any Suggestions?  I have to admit I don't know my way around the camera. I usually shoot without flash and hope for the best.  

For my second pair:
'Double Trouble' 
Also with Scorched Earth beads along with Vintaj components.
Please head over to the AJE blog to see more earrings. And be sure to visit the AJE Pinterest Board to see more.


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Love all your Petra dangles (OK a bit jealous, too). I am going to haunt your post because, to tell the truth, Alice, I often feel challenged by the limitation of my own photography skills. Hoping some kind soul will solve your dilemma.

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

I am the LAST person to give any advice on photography! I have a few completed pieces that no matter what I do, they just do not photograph well! Usually, they are necklaces. If you figure it out,mplease post! :)

Your earrings...both pair...are gorgeous! I love her work!

AntiquityTravelers said...

I have the same trouble even with my new DSLR! sometimes the light and angle just washing everything out! try adjusting the color afterwards by editing the color. sometimes that works for me (but not always)

Love both pairs! really wonderful, organic feel to them both

Gale said...

Hi, Alice. I'm having fun with some of Petra's porcelain myself. As for the photos, try using textiles (even clothing), as you've done in your blog heading. Not only can you add some texture, but I find you can move the cloth around to prop what needs propping into the right light!

sharon said...

Your design came out great Alice and I adore that great orange color! Experimentation is the only way with the photography, and I am no expert. The cloth suggestion is brilliant. In any case, you did a great job all around, I love dangly earrings!

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Hmmm, as I mentioned I am creeping around for photo tips, Alice. Gratifying to know everyone has to struggle for certain shots/colours/settings/backgrounds.

baymoondesign said...

I love the second pair the best. I really like the shape.

Photography is a challenge for me as well. In fact I have my camera manual out now because I have noticed everything I take from a distance is out of focus! I am trying to figure out if it is me or a camera setting.