Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Around The Yard and Beyond

In this post from the 52 Photos series I shared a photo of the wheat field across the road from us. One commenter said her husband called it crappy wheat--to which I must politely disagree. Another commenter asked for photos as the wheat progressed, so I obliged.

The wind was blowing at a pretty good clip  making the wheat sway. 
 By the end of June this wheat will have turned a beautiful golden color. I can't belive how fast it has grown!

Last fall I left the Halloween pumpkins in the front garden because I was too lazy.  Now it appears they are sprouting...which makes me very happy. Crossing my fingers for a pumpkin or two.

Our Japanese Bloodgood--a lovely tree, especially when the sun shines through the leaves.

The door to the playhouse, painted years ago. These friends are now Sophomores in high school and the playhouse sits empty. 

A perfectly round nest sitting in the crutch of this dead tree.  And inside the nest....

The mama bird, perched high above on the roof of our house was giving me fits for getting so close.

This is our house. It was a cloudy day when I took this photo, and the color didn't quite come out right. It's a brighter yellow than this.  It's such a cheerful color and always lifts my spirits when I turn into the driveway.

I'd love to know whats in your yard. Take a look and share it with me.
And a question about Blogger.  I can no longer see the spelling/grammer button on the toolbar.  I used to be pretty good at spelling in my younger days, but not so much anymore, and I always relied on this tool.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to where it went and how I can get it back?


Katalina Jewelry said...

Your house is beautiful and your yard is so manicured! I would love a porch like that!!

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Beautiful home indeed! I particularly love the bird's nest photos! I had problems with Blogger recently-I could not upload any pictures. I ended up switching my browser from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome (a huge process for me as I am so computer illiterate!). No problems since! I hope you figure out what can be so frustrating!

Unknown said...

Your house is so beautiful!!! I know you have to love every second living there Alice. Love the nest!

Cindy said...

Alice, what a wonderful get-to-know-you-better kind of post! Thank you for sharing your home and all around... I have to say your home is incredibly charming and welcoming, really the all-American home. What a peaceful view - to have a field of wheat nearby. I can't imagine a view like this, living in the DC suburbs. I especially love the bird nest photo - and that sweet little blue egg! How amazing that you were able to capture this photo. Can't blame mama bird for being protective! ;-) Thanks for sharing your home with us.

Islandgirl said...

Love your house! Where are you... Can't resist posting my front yard (feb 2009)

spell check is still the last icon but if you have enlarged your font it may be on the second row or possibly off the side of your screen... control - and see if it comes back to the far right on the monitor.

Wish blogger would quit reinventing itself!