Friday, August 17, 2012

Bead Fest Pity Party

Heather Powers is hosting a Bead Fest Pity Party for those of us who can't attend. Check out her blog because she's got some great things going for the next few days. For instance, today we bust out beads from our stash that we have been hoarding, make something with them, and show it on our blogs.

Here's just a small amount of beads that I've been hoarding. In the back are lampwork beads from Sassy Glass Designs. I purchased them on ebay long before etsy was even thought of. The fabulous blue lampwork beads are from Moon Fairy, and the green lampwork tube is from Something New 4 You--also on ebay. And see that fabulous red/orange pendant? It's made from a broken Fiestaware dish by DVH Designs--ebay. As you can see I have a thing for lampwork beads!

But what I'm using today are these lovely lampwork beads below from JoJoy Beads. Unfortunately I can't seem to find her anywhere. The beads are just a bit different from each other both in shape and color. Aren't they beautiful?

I was running out of time to make something so I decided to make earrings using some copper bead caps and hammered copper charms from Melinda Orr. That shiny copper does strange things to my camera, but I think you get the idea.

A big thanks to Heather for hosting this pity party. I feel better already! Also, check out my post below for my finally friday piece. Yeah, I know--two posts in one day! Whoo Hoo!


Heather Powers said...

Boy - that was really digging in the bead stash if it was pre-etsy! I love the earrings they could be the coppery hues of a summer sunset. Thanks for playing along!

A Polymer Penchant said...

Pooh that's a pretty pile of sparklies! I've never seen broken Fiesta ware before, I thought people were really careful with it ;) you sure are quick with getting going and I can't believe I forgot all about Finally Friday this week, drat!

Off to check yours out

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Alice,
I too have a thing for lamp worked beads and yours are gorgeous I do not blame you a bit for hoarding them. I love the earrings they are beautiful.
I am looking forward to seeing what is coming up next in this pity party.