Monday, August 20, 2012

Bead Fest Pity Party Day Two and Three

I can't thank Heather Powers enough for hosting this pity party for those of us who couldn't attend Bead Fest. The party flew by so quickly, which I would imagine was the same for Bead Fest.

For day two we were to get out of the house and take an inspirational walk, take photos and share on our blog. I didn't get out of the house, but instead took photos of things that are special to me.

Enamel food boxes with lids, a cup, and a ceramic bowl--from my uncle who passed away in February.

A lovely sofa from my husband's grandmother. I love the curves.

A rocking chair from my grandfather-it sits very low to the floor, and as a child there were many time I got my fingers smashed between the rocker and the base. There are visible marks on the base where my grandfather rubbed the wood as he rocked.

A plaid wool blanket from my husband's great grandfather. It's very fragile so we just keep it on display.

A lovely oil lamp from my husband's great grandmother.

A powder box of my mother's. When pressed powder began showing up in little plastic cases from Avon, mom used this pretty lottle box to store her rings. She passed away in June of 2011.

As for day three of the party we were to share an online craft that we enjoy. A few years ago I found these instructions for making folded paper shirts for Father's Day at Martha Stewart. The kids and I made several in colored craft paper and hung them on a cord like a clothes line and added promise notes on the back as gifts. We also made some to give out at Father's day at church with a candybar attached. But now I want to see if I can revamp them into ladies blouses or dresses and attach them to the top of mailing boxes for my jewlery.

Thanks for stopping by for the pity party. One of these days I would love to attend the big bead shows and meet up with the talented ladies I have only met virtually.


Bobbie said...

Alice, how sweet that you have all these wonderful remembrances of family members in your home!

CraftyHope said...

Oh, what really special pieces! I especially love that rocker and your mom's powder box, you seem to have the most memories connected with those. I'm sure they're quite special.

AntiquityTravelers said...

I love your treasures - I am so drawn to the older pieces and the stories behind them. I have a few in my house as well that have deep sentimental value to me. I have the rocker my mother used with all four of her kids - when we were all babies. I then used this rocker with my kids. No glide rockers here! What a lovely post - really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for your beadsoup reveal on Saturday

Unknown said...

Delightful memories and a lovely blog.Love and Hugs Tanya