Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Sunday of Advent

Advent is such a wonderful season; a time for looking forward, and a time for reflecting. A time to give, and a time to forgive. A time for anticipation, and a time to be watchful. A time to open our hearts, and a time to let our hearts be opened. A time to prepare, and a time to wait.

I found the Advent poem below, but the author was not indicated.

As the Advent time draws near
We wait with expectation
As Mary and her husband dear
Await the Incarnation.

Advent is a time to look
To watch with eyes of Faith
To make our hearts an open book
Our souls an empty slate.

For Christ will surely come to all
To write upon our inward scroll
The words of Faith He shall recall
And childhood’s love extol

The Baby Jesus shall rekindle
The child of Faith deep down within
For as we light the Advent candle
We shall give birth to Him.

All the Advent wreaths were found on pinterest.

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