Friday, February 13, 2015

We're All Ears February Challenge

Our inspiration are lovely flower girls created by Lim Zhi
Malaysian artist and photographer Lim Zhi Wei (a.k.a Limzy) is the creator of these whimsical flower girls. She has a passion for turning every day objects into things of delicate beauty. For 2015, Limzy created a very limited run of a calendar of her Flowergirls. How marvelous would it be to gaze on those dreamy beauties every day of the year! The beauty of this art is that it is ephemeral. It will not last. Yet Limzy has captured the essence of the bloom in such a spectacularly unique way and preserved it in her prints. You can follow Lim Zhi Wei on Instagram and Facebook or on her blog, Love, Limzy.

There are several flower girls to choose from
I chose these because I love Calla lilies.

'Calla Lily'
 Beautiful drops from Scorched Earth
Disk beads from Twinstar
And sweet polymer beads from Graceful Willow

Please visit the Earrings Everyday blog to see more of  the art and the earrings 


Shai Williams said...

These are lovely! And they so fit the picture.

Terri said...

These are Fantastic! Totally love them!

Anonymous said...

There were calla lilies next to our front door where I grew up and I always imagined them to be tall elegant ladies when they were in bloom. I love your modern take on this inspiration in fresh spring colors! Nice!

Bijoux Gems Joy said...

Very nice interpretation of the photo. I like how your earrings brought out the cool, long, lanky look out of the photo


Silver Parrot said...

Great job capturing the shapes and colors of the lilies.

Tammy Adams said...

Beautiful earrings. They absolutely capture the essence of the inspiration art and the flowers themselves.

baymoondesign said...

I love Scorched Earth beads so I thought no wonder I love those earrings! I like the yellow beads you used also. Great job!

Unknown said...

I also love calla lillies! I really like your earrings those drops are fantastic!

TesoriTrovati said...

So fun! I love the shape of these and the pop of green. You captured the Lily girls perfectly! So glad you joined in the spring-y fun at We're All Ears. Can spring be far behind?! Come back on March 6th for the next inspiration! Enjoy the day. Erin