Thursday, June 25, 2015

Heather's Bead soup mix Challenge

I'm so happy that Heather is hosting a mix bead soup challenge using her beads. It is so hot here in Kansas and all I want to do is to say inside though I did manage to tidy up our garden but there are more weeds than flowers.So on to the challenge.

'The edge of  the sea'
Turtle from Stinky dog beads
and five sweet  polymer spacer beads from Heather
The chain is from Vintaj

'Love is all that matters'
The 'love' bead is from Heather at Swoondimples which spins around
The rest of the beads are from Heather from a totem set.

To see more go to Heather's blog this Friday 
 It's not too late to play along.


baymoondesign said...

Alice-Your piece is perfect. I love Heather's beads. The bead from Swoondimples is so sweet. Well done!

Bits of Learning said...

Alice, the necklaces are so summery! Beautifully done!

dori said...

Fresh and simple! Particularly love the 'love' bead!

VS said...

Aweeeee, these necklaces are beautiful my friend...just like you!!! Happy summer, even though it's so darn hot, thank goodness for A/C! Smiles...