Saturday, June 29, 2013

52 Photos Photographers Choice

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We get to choose our theme for this week, which is almost more difficult for me. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to share, discarding many ideas like photographing my car, a Volcano Red Dodge Charger because I absolutely love it.  Or the wheat field across the road which is now a beautiful golden color. Or my very messy bead table, which will probaly never be neat, and many more.
Instead I chose this...
The Change Jar

My husband doesn't like to carry change in his pocket so he started putting it in a jar he had at work several years ago. At Christmas time he presented us with two jars full of change and said we could do what we wanted with it.  We chose to take the family to the Great Wolf Lodge.  From there the change jar became a tradition and I started dumping in my own change from my purse. For a couple years we chose to use the money for something fun.  But after hearing about an elderly lady in our church that needed assistance we all agreed to send the money from the change jar to her annomously. The next year at Christmas we did the same to a family where the mother lost her job, and the father became disabled and unable to work.
Ever since then we have given it to a person or family we know that need assistance.  It's not much, maybe a couple hundred bucks, but it is nice to know it's going to a good cause.
I would encourage you to start your own change jar, whether you choose to use it for yourself, or for helping others. 

The little money I have - that is my wealth, but the things I have for which I would not take money, that is my treasure. ~Robert Brault
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge

Sunday is the reveal date for weeks 23 and 24 of the Art Jewelry Elements Earring Challenge.  Normally I make two pairs of earrings featuring one artist, but we were gone all week to a family reunion in Missouri and I just didn't get the second pair done.
'Hippie Chick'

I just love these tiny colorful lampwork beads from Jodie Marshall.  When I sat down to make a pair of earrings the colors made me think of the hippie era of the 60's. I think they are perfect for summer.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

52 Photos I Am...

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This week is a tough assignment.  Sally asks who we are and what makes us a wonderful person.  I can think of many things to describe myself, but to show that in a photo - not so easy.  Here goes anyway.

I am caring.

This photo was taken this week at Dogwood Canyon, a beautiful nature reserve in southern Missouri. 
There were dozens of waterfalls, trees, trout, and lovely bridges.

I love to travel thanks to my mom and dad who scrimped and saved every year to take us on a summer vacation.  Even now our own little family loves to travel. I especially like nature and care about the future of our planet for the generations to come.

This photo was taken last week at our Bible School at our church.

I spend much of my free time as Sunday School Superindendant at our church and have done so for more than 20 years.   I truly care about our children's religious education and I  feel it is important for all our children to learn about God, and how to be good stewards of our church, the world, and every living thing.  I know religion can be one of those discussions that is taboo, but I really belive the world would be a better place if every child grew up learning all the wonderful stories of the bible.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

52 Weeks Green

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We are going green for this weeks Focus On Life photo. 
GREEN!  The color of balance, learning, growth and harmony!  GREEN evokes feelings of calm and symbolizes self-respect and well being.  What a great color to focus on!

Sally suggested the photo did not have to be all green but also contrasting and/or muted colors. So I chose to show a very special quilt that I had when I was little.  My twin sister and I got the same one, made by a long time family friend.  It's about 36 x 36 inches, just perfect to swaddle our dolls.  I'm so glad my mom and dad kept these for us, and just weeks ago my dad gave it to me. 

This is the back side.

As always, I appreciate your visit here, though many times I just can't get back around to responding to your comments, though I do try.

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I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

Friday, June 7, 2013

52 Photos Typography

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Sally writes:
The power of the written or typed word can be more powerful then you thought!  
The style and appearance of printed matter has an effect to how we view items, websites, businesses, book titles and the list goes on and on.   Is the typography pleasing to the eye, does the font pull you in, draw you away, make you feel inspired?  This week focus on the printed word and see what the words are saying to you!

You may have heard this story before, but I'm telling it again. 
When I was young my mother sent me and my twin sister to learn how to sew.  Our instructors were two old spinster sisters.  While my sister excelled in sewing, I was a complete failure.  Not one to give in, as the spinsters were former teachers, they taught me the art of calligraphy and I was instantly smitten with the art of 'drawing' letters.  The photo above is a small instruction sampler of different styles.

This is another book on Calligaphy.  It even shows how to do it with paint brushes. 
I wish I could have found my very first instruction book to share.  It's not as pretty as this book, but it was the first one I ever used.  Maybe it will show up one day and I will share it here.

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