Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thirty Words Thursday Kansas!

I've lived here all my life.
Beautiful prairies
And wide open places
Where the night sky puts on a show
I can't imagine living anywhere else.

This photo was taken on the Tallgrass Prairie, one of the few stands of tallgrass prairie grasses left.
We were treated to a lovely symphony followed by a cattle drive, and lastly the sunset  a huge ball of fire, mother natures gift.
Sadly these prairies are being bough up for other uses.


Mary K. McGraw said...

It sounds like it was an amazing event, with horses, music, lovely views and fantastic sunsets.

I lived in kansas when I was in 3rd & 4th grade and loved it.

TesoriTrovati said...

I feel the passion for your homeland in this. What a fun experience to travel in these covered wagons. It must be humbling to think that this is how our ancestors moved about and made their mark. Thank you for joining in the 30 Words Challenge! Enjoy the day. Erin

Drtanglebones said...

This makes me want to visit!

Sarajo Wentling said...

What an incredible experience that must have been! It's sad that so many our wide open spaces are disappearing.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

How moving and what beautiful photos! My family on my father's side comes from Nebraska...and you never see one of them off of a horse! I love your thirty wprds this week! It is magnificent!
jean xox

Todd said...

This was a great event and wonderful way to spend a Kansas evening!

rosebud101 said...

How fun! I've always wanted to ride in a covered wagon! Great job!

Caron Michelle said...

This is an amazing place! I loved your words and your picture. I was a huge fan of Little House on the Prairie - this is so reminiscent of a wonderful time and period. Thank you for sharing!

Dori said...

So lovely, Alice. Beautiful words and wistfulness. I hope this bit of prairie can be protected.