Thursday, October 18, 2012

Feast of the Fields-Barn Edition

You might remember this post from June where my husband and I enjoyed a gourmet dinner in the middle of a corn field.  The same family hosts a gourmet dinner in their 1876 stone barn each September and we were lucky enough to snag two seats.  The family enjoys sharing their love for the farm and the bounty it brings. This wonderful meal was served family style, along with Kansas wines, and wines from California. Chef Reagan chose a menu using fresh,  locally grown food.

The first course: Braised Pork Belly and Pumpkin Soup. You won't see the rest of the meal because we were too busy eating to get good photos.

The beautiful barn all  lit up

At the end of the evening we noticed the moon had a large halo around it, which is caused by light reflecting off of ice crystals in the atmosphere. To farmers, this signals rain or cooler weather.

"As a work of art, I know few things more pleasing to the eye or more capable of affording scope and gratification to a taste for the beautiful, than a well situated, well cultivated farm."
Edward Everett 1857


kimmykats said...

Oh Alice what a wonderful event you have been able to attend both times. The barn looks amazing let alone the food!! Thanks so much for sharing!

richelle said...

Oh, that barn is so unmistakably Kansas! I just spent 2 hours last night strolling through Strong City on the Google map street view and I feel like I'm there.

What fun this looks like--and no barn smells? Wasn't too chilly?

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

I do remember your last post and I think this is the coolest night out ever!! I'll bet the food was fantastic! love the moon pic!!

Libellula Jewelry said...

The setting is so pretty; I love old stone barns & the jelly jar presentation of the pumpkin soup is adorable!

Deserae said...

Wow!!!! The barn looks amazing all lit up....just beautiful!!!
Have a great weekend!

Mary Lamoray said...

That barn looks so wonderful and so inviting... and that's without the meal! :) What a super cool idea to serve in the barn... I remember your post from last time, so glad you could repeat the experience albeit with a different ambiance :)

Lela said...

That looks like a wonderful time for all! Such pretty shots of it too.

I love seeing the moon like that...I've had the opportunity to photo it a time or two.