Monday, April 16, 2012

Frustrated With Blogger

So yesterday I spent much of the afternoon composing a post on various interesting things as skin rashes, skin care products, tornadoes, and some good news. Now I know Blogger has an automatic save feature, but just to be sure, I press that save button often when I'm composing. I had several photos to share (don't worry, none of them were of skin rashes) and things were looking good--that is until I switched from the HTML tab to the Compose tab. Poof, three quarters of the written portion of my post disappeared, and all the the photos were jumbled up, even after I had saved it all. No matter what I did to line the photos up on the left, the photos would always revert back to being all over the place when I previewed. Each time I switched back from preview I would lose more text. This has never happened to me until now. So I ended up ditching the entire post.

Today I decided to try again, with photos only--no text. And again the photos kept getting jumbled up. I think I have fixed them but it has taken much of the morning to get this post done. So here it is, more photos of our San Antonio trip (and here you thought you had seen the last of them, but I've still got a couple more installments). I'm hitting publish now, and what you get is what you get. Thes are photos of the San Antonio River Walk.

Needless to say I'm very frustrated with Blogger! Happy Monday to you!

UPDATE: So I switched back to the old interface and things worked just fine. My suggestion to blogger, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


TesoriTrovati said...

TOTALLY frustrated myself! I thought it was just me. I spent half the night working on my post for today. Saved it. Previewed it many times. But instead of having it post automatically I thought I would hit publish this morning at work. All my pictures were missing and only some of my text was not there. What the....? So now I had to go and find all the pics (only one that is on my computer at home that I will have to add later). I am so p-o'd but glad that I found a friend to commiserate with!
Enjoy the day, friend!

beautifullybrokenme said...

I feel your pain as well Alice! Try this next time: highlight the entire post in the "Compose" section (i use 'ctrl-a' to make sure I completely get pictures and text) and click on the 'remove formattting' icon (the capital T with the little red x next to it). You will have to go through and take out a bunch of extra blank lines between paragraphs and re-center your photos, but it usually takes care of all of the issues for me. If not, I then close down all of the programs on the computer and re-boot it. Sometimes a weird cookie messes with Blogger's mind somehow.

Let me know if this helps!

:) Molly

Lela said...

All that, plus...seems like most of the time when I want to leave a comment, the comment box is missing!! Is it just me? I swear, blogger is out to get us! Very frustrating.

We've been 'through' San Antonio once..and took the time to ride the river & see the Alamo. But we really need to have it as a much to see and do there. I enjoy your photos. :)

Roxanne Mendoza said...

Hope you got the blogger issue fixed! It can be very frustrating. There's always something. Take care!

kimmykats said...

Oh you had me laughing and nodding my head can be so darn frustrating. I updated my blog and it took a whole day of trying to figure out what I screwed up!! This is on one of my places to parents lived there during their army days.

Anonymous said...

Computers (and software) are wonderful inventions...when everything works perfectly...been there.

We were in San Antonio last your pictures.

Carol D. said...

I absolutely know what you mean. I was just trying to put 2 small pics side by side the other day and they jumped all over the page. Enough to make a girl scream!
Love your pics. Sounds like a fabulous trip.