Saturday, February 18, 2012

San Antonio - Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose was founded in 1720 and is still an active parish. Known as Queen of the Missions, San Jose was the largest of missions in the area, and considered a major cultural center. The missions served as a refuge for the natives who were continually pressed by encroaching neighboring tribes, and from the spread of European diseases that would eventually decimate their population. The Indians found shelter and food in exchange for labor.

Housing quarters for the native Indians

Below: The Granary which is quite large.

Below, a peek into the Indian Quarters


Izzy said...

That's a place I'd love to see someday...

Lela said...

We were there for a very short visit're making me want to go back.

I love the architecture.

Thank you!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Sweet Alice,thank you for taking us on this amazing tour.Your pictures really captured every corner and I am so thankful for that because it makes me feel as though I was standing right next to you..heehee.I'm sure you must have felt as though if only the walls could speak..