Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Days

The only snow we’ve seen here is a dusting a while back. Not that I’m wishing for snow (especially since the youngest daughter is now driving to school and back). And I certainly don’t miss the extra rugs, wet shoes/boots, socks, coats, and mittens by the back door. But it just doesn’t seem like winter here with the warm weather we’ve been having. Just one good snow and I would be happy.

For those of you feeling the same way, here’s a bit of snow eye candy for you.

From the Annual Budweiser Select International Snow Sculpture Chamionships at Breckenridge, Colorado.Visit the link to see more winners, and the photo gallery where you'll see how the sulptures progress.

Team Mexico: ‘Alebrije’ 2011

Team Canada, Ontario: ‘Memories From My Youth’ 2010

Team Canada Yukon: ‘Spirits of the Aurora’ 2011

Team USA Breckenridge ‘Underwater’ 2011

Team Canada, Yukon: ‘Swan Song’ 2008

Team Mexico: ‘The Altar of Quetzalcoatl’ 2010

Team USA,Vermont: ‘Teeter-Toddler’ 2008

The following photos were found at

Life Size Dinosaurs--unknown artist

R Todd King - wild horses

Japanese Sapporo Snow Festival

P.S. Don't EVEN ask why the post date shows the 23rd! Long story!


My Life Under the Bus said...

Winter is going SOOOOO much faster WITHOUT the snow - last year I could have made the horse sculpture in front of my house - we are at the end of the road so all the snow gets plowed here. After a winter of about 24 FEET the pile was just ridiculously high and was still melting in April!.....not that I am bitter or anything...cough

Tricia said...

I love that this winter has been so mild. Last year was horrible around here, so this is a relief for me. My, those snow sculptures are amazing and how beautiful some of them are too! We have a winter carnival here in Minnesota, but they don't have enough snow to create any sculptures. I think they're doing ones made of ice though :)

Cindy said...

Alice, these sculptures are incredible. Just amazing!! My favorites are the Teeter Toddler and the Snow Festival one at the bottom. We'll be seeing snow this weekend - going on a family ski trip.